[CentOS] Don't forget to use torrents for your downloads!

Timo Schoeler timo.schoeler at riscworks.net
Thu Apr 2 08:14:18 UTC 2009

>> For those who may forget, usin torrents to download and share the new
>> images will get you faster downloads (if enough folks participate) if
>> you have a "fat" pipe and alleviate the load on the CentOS servers.
>> I have a "chubby" pipe (~ 1.2MB/sec) and got the stuff really quickly
>> earlier today.
>> If your torrent has distributed hash table capability, I suggest that
>> you also use that feature.
> Sharing as fast as I can, never seen this kind of activity before, it's like a 
> shark feeding frenzy... The CentOS-5.3-x86_64-bin-DVD torrent I'm seeding says 
> the share ratio is 40928, and rapidly increasing. That can't possibly be 
> right, can it??
> Have to cap the upload speed to 25kBps during work hours, or my computer would 
> be unusable. Maybe I should move this seeding to a CentOS-machine instead...
> DHT is enabled over here as well.

Hi there,

there's really some traffic going on torrent-wise:

[View: main]
done     3787,1 MB Rate: 928,2 /   0,0 KB Uploaded: 142450,0 MB

[View: main]
done     4346,3 MB Rate: 194,7 /   0,0 KB Uploaded: 100310,6 MB


[both have a upload limit of 2Mbps, which is sometimes hit.]



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