[CentOS] filesystem rpm fails when /home is NFS mounted

Tsai Li Ming ltsai at osgdc.org
Fri Apr 3 01:52:11 UTC 2009

Scott Silva wrote:
> on 4-2-2009 2:00 PM Anne Wilson spake the following:
>> On Thursday 02 April 2009 21:40:59 R P Herrold wrote:
>>> On Wed, 1 Apr 2009, Paul Heinlein wrote:
>>>> I don't know if it's a bug or a feature, but the
>>>> filesystem-2.4.0-2.el5.centos rpm won't upgrade cleanly if /home is an
>>>> NFS filesystem.
>>> I confirm this is present in 5.3 where /home is an NFS mount,
>>> and that I missed it in testing.  A workaround is:
>>> 1. Boot into single user node.
>>> 2. run: /sbin/service network start
>>> 3. run: yum -y update filesystem
>>> If your system emitted the warning, but did not 'bail', it is
>>> safe to retieve the rpm locally, and to run:
>>> # rpm -Uvh filesystem*rpm --force
>>> as there are no scripts in play:
>>> [herrold at centos-5 ~]$ sudo rpm -q --scripts filesystem
>>> [herrold at centos-5 ~]$
>>> The cause is the NFS root_squash being in effect when a NFS
>>> overmount is on a mountpoint, it seems.  /home happens to
>>> express it
>>> It seems Paul and I are the last two users of NFS mounted
>>> /home left.
>> I have /home exported and ran the upgrade from this laptop over the network, 
>> where that directory is mounted and displayed in a folderview under KDE4.  I 
>> had no problems whatsoever.  Is this the sort of situation you mean?
>> Anne
> The way I read it was their /home was mounted on NFS, not just exported.

I had a problem with /mnt or /media too with a mounted ISO. Had to 
umount the ISO before filesystem rpm can be updated. This happened when 
I yum update to RHEL 5.3 recently.


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