[CentOS] Don't forget to use torrents for your downloads!

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>> I think my ISP at home has done something with regard to p2p. I can't
>> at home anymore for some reason... 8-/
>Mine limits me to 40k up - leave it running long enough though, and it
>is easy to give back several times what you took.
>As far as home networks, I found that when I was running NAT on Linux
>(RH8 through FC2 days) - bt really screwed up my home network. However,
>when using hardware routers, even the cheap consumer kind (Linksys) the
>home network is fine. I think bt is very hard on software routing.

I use Smoothwall as a router/firewall appliance at home. It has worked fine
before. Besides, I seed from Windows XP at home. Before, while seeding
worked at home, I capped at approx 50kbps using Smoothie 's QoS-features and
it worked like a charm.

But yes, bt *is* giving me grief at work where I'm trying to set up a CentOS
5.3 seeding machine with iptables. The university helpdesk told me they use
"tcp established"-filters for inside machines going out and blocks most
everything from incoming. The normal way I guess. And it does work from
Windows, but linux - no... 8-/

I've used the below as a base for setting this up, but I'm not there quite

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