[CentOS] [OT] Godaddy hell...

Niki Kovacs contact at kikinovak.net
Fri Apr 3 13:29:35 UTC 2009

Jason Pyeron a écrit :
> Can I get some recommendations:
> We are looking for a hosting provider (other than godaddy) 

I'm in France (Europe), and I'm using a cheap dedicated server by OVH. 
Support is forum only, so that's how they keep the cost down. Reasonably 
fast machine, 250 GB harddisk, full root access, CentOS base install 
(several Linux distros on offer, with CentOS, Slackware and Debian in 
the "expert" selection), ssh access... and from there on, you do 
anything you like on this machine. Bandwidth is a real 100 Mbps, and the 
whole thing costs only around 25 euros a month. Looks pretty much 


Niki Kovacs

PS: I'm running a database server for eleven small public libraries on 
it... plus my private webradio to fill some extra unused bandwidth: :o)

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