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> Jason Pyeron wrote:
> > 
> > 0: we do not want the admin responsibility for the box. We 
> even don't 
> > want to change configurations.
> But you do want to install software.  It's possible to 
> install some kinds of software without root access, but 
> you're cutting yourself off from a huge world of software 
> that doesn't allow this.

Exactly. We will only need to push our "web application" and pull our logs.

> You can maybe install some simple CGI programs, and you'll 
> have to build everything from source, because you can't 
> change the RPM DB, you can't make servers listen on ports < 
> 1024, you'll have to reconfigure/rebuild anything that wants 
> to put config files in /etc....  I don't see why you'd 
> shackle yourself like that.  You don't get "yum install thingy" 
> without root access.

We can use rsync over ssh, scp, or subversion over ssh/https to do our push and
pulls. No need for more ... (insert 640k jokes)

> Everyone's pushing you to one of the VPS providers because 
> that's what all the cool kids are doing now that VM 
> technology is commoditized.

I do not have an opinion on this.

> And on that note, we use VPSLink.  Their parent company, 
> Spry, offers VPSes with more hand-holding, at a higher price. 
>  You can get VPSes from either with various flavors of CentOS on them.

Not insearch of hand holding, but out sourced responsibility, hence the SLA.

> And I can warn you off of WebIntellects.  Not bad people, but 
> I left them because their systems management policies were 
> too lackadaisical. 

Good to know, this is the Godaddy issue right now.

> If you were willing to monitor your site 24x7 from the 
> outside, you could maintain good uptimes.  

Not willing to take responsibility, but willing to pay for it.

> Otherwise, your 
> site could be down for hours until you noticed it, but they 
> would start counting the downtime from the time your reported 
> the problem, not from when it actually went down.

Could automate: * * * * * pingscript.sh || emailsupportscript.sh

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