[CentOS] Can't install domUs in 5.3 dom0

Tomasz Nowak tnowak-p at netventure.pl
Sat Apr 4 13:24:31 UTC 2009


I can't install 5.3 domUs in 5.3 dom0 with the very same
/etc/xen/domU.cfg and remote domU.ks that I've used in
Centos 5.1. The only I've changed is Centos version
(including new 5.3 xen kernel and initrd images).

Results are that anaconda can't assing networki
configuration to network interface (probably because
of not seeing it) and such error messages in xend.log:

[2009-04-04 12:45:42 xend 2999] DEBUG (blkif:27) exception
looking up device number for xvda: [Errno 2] No such file
or directory: '/dev/xvda'

Is there any way to fix this or shell I roll back to 5.1?


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