[CentOS] OT: Smar Phone/PDA Reco

Michael Simpson mikie.simpson at gmail.com
Mon Apr 6 10:06:04 UTC 2009

On 04/04/2009, Andrew Colin Kissa <andrew at topdog.za.net> wrote:
> The BB bold does have VPN support at least i have tried the Cisco VPN
> concentrator connection and it works. I have not tested the other VPN's
> On 03 Apr 2009, at 11:43 PM, Scott Silva wrote:
> > I can ssh from my blackberry, but no vpn that I can find

for symbian UIQ3 os there is a puTTY client that i use on my old
sony-ericsson p990
would prolly work on nokias a well

not sure about vpn

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