[CentOS] Dependencies in 5,3

Ron Loftin reloftin at twcny.rr.com
Mon Apr 6 18:34:22 UTC 2009

First off, I want to express my appreciation for the dedication of the
CentOS developers for providing us with the quality work they always do.
This is a question and a request for explanation so that my little mind
can understand what's going on.

And for those inquiring minds who want to know, I have already filed bug
reports. ;^>

Over the weekend I went through several boxes here at home and upgraded
from 5.2 to 5.3.  I was a good boy and read the release notes first,
followed the procedures recommended therein, and the upgrades went just

I have to say that I was less than ecstatic when I saw my desktop
machines install NetworkManager and PPP where they had not been
installed before.  A bit of poking at the new situation led me to the
conclusion that NetworkManager is now a requirement of Evolution, and
PPP is a requirement of NetworkManager.

Since these are desktop boxes that do not move around, and communicate
via my in-house LAN over a single Ethernet interface, I don't see any
pressing need for NetworkManager and PPP.  I would appreciate it if
someone could shed some light on this situation, since the only
conclusion that I can draw so far is that this is unnecessary system

As used to happen on the sun-net-manglers list in years past:

Thanks in advance.

Ron Loftin                      reloftin at twcny.rr.com

"God, root, what is difference ?"       Piter from UserFriendly

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