[CentOS] the 5.2 loaders

Sorin Srbu sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se
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>What can we do in order to better, faster, more visibly communicate the
>fact that 5.3 is the new target most people should be focusing on.

Make the announcement stand out more on centos.org maybe? Like a big banner 
just under the Home/Donate/Information etc-menu.
	That is to say, just a short blurb about the new release and a bigger font 
making use of a bold typeface when typing "new centos 5.3 release" and linking 
to the actual announcement further below.
	In fact, IMHO, I think the release announcement should be nearer or in the 
top of the page, or at least in the uppermost left column. Most read from left 
to right and start from the top. 8-}

While he first page is very informational, it's not a wonder of readability. 
No offence to the webmaster(s).


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