[CentOS] truecrypt 6.1a

Roger Wells ROGER.K.WELLS at saic.com
Wed Apr 8 18:21:27 UTC 2009

Has anyone built and installed truecrypt 6.1a on CentOS 5.3. When I 
build it it keeps failing here:

Compiling EncryptionOptionsWizardPage.cpp
Forms/EncryptionOptionsWizardPage.cpp: In member function 
TrueCrypt::EncryptionOptionsWizardPage::GetEncryptionAlgorithm() const’:
Forms/EncryptionOptionsWizardPage.cpp:45: error: no matching function 
for call to ‘TrueCrypt::GraphicUserInterface::GetSelectedData(wxChoice* 

I realize that this is likely a problem with truecrypt or me but I am 
interested to know if anyone here has built it.


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