[CentOS] truecrypt 6.1a

Benjamin Karhan simon at pop.psu.edu
Wed Apr 8 18:03:16 UTC 2009

A little birdy told me that Roger Wells said:

] thanks again.
] I installed wxWidgets 2.8.10 without apparent incident. I'll check 
] around to see if there
] is a problem there.

i recompiled truecypt again (just to make sure it still works fine...
  it did)... anyways, just FYI i pass the following to configure in
  my package build of wxWidgets:

  	--enable-unicode --with-motif=no --with-gtk=yes

i suppose i should upgrade to 2.8.10... must be getting lazy...
  i'll let you know if i run into problems with 2.8.10 itself... 

B. Karhan
simon at pop.psu.edu
PRI/SSRI Unix Administrator

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