[CentOS] DKMS and new(er) Nvidia-drivers

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Wed Apr 8 18:19:10 UTC 2009

on 4-6-2009 5:55 AM Sorin Srbu spake the following:
> I got the DKMS-system working and now have the Nvidia-drivers v173.08 
> installed (using rpmforge as suggested previously). Unfortunately this 
> particular driver version gives me screen artifacts so as to make the screen 
> more or less unreadable.
> Nvidia's proprietary drivers are now up to v180.44 and this version is fine 
> with my test system.
> I  really like the DKMS-system, as it enables me to keep kernel and 
> gfx-drivers up-to-date on our course-lab computers doing 3D-molecular 
> modeling.  However if I can't make use of newer, and better, drivers this 
> whole thing is borked for me... 8-/
> My question is who updates those drivers, as the v173.08 Nvidia drivers are 
> now almost a year old? Would there be any other good repo with more current 
> drivers suitable for use with DKMS and CentOS?
> 	The repos I found are tagged with PCLinux, Mandriva and Ubuntu to name a few. 
> I'm not quite sure these rpms would work with CentOS and the dkms install 
> there.
> Any hints appreciated. Thanks.
You could always try and make a newer version yourself using the old one as a
template. Here is some help;




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