[CentOS] Where's v5.3 source RPMs?

Ralph Angenendt ra+centos at br-online.de
Thu Apr 9 11:07:11 UTC 2009

Michael Holmes wrote:
> > Coming later. Please let the mirrors handle the load of people updating
> > their machines first. When the first wave of updates have gone down, the
> > SRPMS will be put onto the mirrors.
> Not to be Mr. Goody Two Shoes, but isn't that a GPL violation? Seeing
> as you can make an RPM from an SRPM but not vice versa, and the source
> is what the GPL focuses on.

Is it? What if you had asked for a specific src.rpm and we would have
given you a download location for it?

As said: It is not a perfect solution, but more a pragmatic one.

What probably should be done next time is to at least offer the SRPMS of
modified packages at release time, as you can get the other SRPMS from
somewhere else until the CentOS mirrors have synced up.

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