[CentOS] when to reboot after updates

Rainer Duffner rainer at ultra-secure.de
Thu Apr 9 17:36:32 UTC 2009

Les Mikesell schrieb:
> You have some chance of 'knowing' the server side of things - a lot less 
> about what other users might be running.  What should you expect if you 
> have logged in users over freenx, remote X or at the console running 
> (say) firefox through an update?  Or other long running applications, 
> especially in languages likely to dynamically load new components.
> And in one case, I got kicked off of my ssh connection in mid-update. 
> I'm still not sure what happened there but I had to install yum-utils 
> and run yum-recover-transaction to continue.

screen(1) might help here

I include it in my default-install nowadays. One suid-binary more, but
it's there once you need it.


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