[CentOS] What is writing to my filesystem

JCARRIZOSA at Crutchfield.com JCARRIZOSA at Crutchfield.com
Fri Apr 10 18:13:34 UTC 2009

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> You have /var and/or /tmp on separate filesystems?  If not, that is
> where things are being written to.  Specificly, look in /tmp,
> /var/log/, and under /var/spool.  Is /var/tmp separate from /tmp?
> about /usr/tmp?  If you don't run the machine 24/7, logrotate might
> be run, this would mean your log files (under /var/log) will grow and
> grow and grow ...  If you don't have an email alias for root (I assume
> you don't login as root!), then /var/spool/mail/root will grow and
> and grow ... as well (all sorts of silly messages sent to root).  It
> also possible that stuff is accumulating under /var/spool/lpd as well,
> although this will be small files.

The machine is up 24/7. The different var, tmps and spool folders didn't
look too bad, but did find some large files I had copied a couple of
months ago and forgotten. I have cricket monitoring drive space and
email if it's above 75% usage. It didn't complain back then, so I'm
thinking it's been just below the threshold for a while, and went over
the hump just this week with recent smaller files.


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