[CentOS] installing updates in post kickstart

Warren, Eucke EWarren at wms.com
Fri Apr 10 20:11:49 UTC 2009

Jerry Geis wrote:

> I can do a yum update in my post kickstart (which is what I am doing
now actually).

> However, I want to save network time at installations.
> If I copy down the files from centos/5.3/updates/x86_64/RPMS and place
them in a directory local on my network, can I just "rpm -U 
> /mnt/directory/updates/x86_64/RPMS*"
> in my post section?

> Assuming I have nfs mounted the directory of course...

You can always replace the updated RPMS in the CentOS directory and run
createrepo to rebuild the comps.xml and header info so that you do your
initial build with the newer files without running yum at all.  Ymmv


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