[CentOS] httpd with SNI

German Pulido gpulido at gtscolombia.com
Mon Apr 13 05:27:13 UTC 2009


I am currently publishing some web services on a Centos 5.3 server on my 
office using the included apache httpd. They are available from the Internet, 
and they require validation (username/password). I would like to publish them 
all under https, so the passwords won't travel unencrypted, but then all my 
sites use the same certificate on apache httpd.  The solution to this is 
using an httpd server that supports SNI: 
<http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Server_Name_Indication> however, the httpd 
included in Centos does not have this feature. Question is: have anybody made 
httpd RPMs for CentOS supporting this feature? (according to the link, httpd 
supports this since 2.2.11) or maybe they can be requested on the CentOS Plus 


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