[CentOS] when to reboot after updates

Scott Silva ssilva at sgvwater.com
Mon Apr 13 19:07:09 UTC 2009

on 4-10-2009 3:24 PM Lanny Marcus spake the following:
> On Thu, Apr 9, 2009 at 10:55 PM, D Tucny <d at tucny.com> wrote:
>> 2009/4/10 Mike A. Harris <mharris-mnGD6ET4m9qw5LPnMra/2Q at public.gmane.org>
>>> Jerry Geis wrote:
>>>> What is the rule of thumb for reboots after updates...
>>> I'd say the rule of thumb is to do whatever works best for you, and that
>>> you'll likely get quite the variety of different responses. �;o)
>>>> Certainly if I update from 5.2 to 5.3 I reboot.
>>>> But if you update something like krb5 or pam
>>>> does that require a reboot? Does the "fix" get automatically loaded and
>>>> used
>>>> or do you just do a reboot always?
>>> So, I would say "reboot" is the simplest, safest, foolproof way to
>>> ensure you're running updates even if some people will balk at the idea
>>> that you have to reboot a Linux system. �You don't have to of course,
>>> but life is short and rebooting is fast. �;o)
>> Another good reason to do a controlled reboot every now and again is to make
>> sure that everything you expect to come back up does come back up, which can
>> save you being woken up in the middle of the night if an uncontrolled reboot
>> happens :)
> And if one does a scheduled reboot, best to be there, so you can touch
> the box and best to do it when there is very low traffic. I remember
> advising that updates were available for IPCop last year. Scott Silva
> wrote that he would do it on a Sunday, when the big bosses weren't
> there. Sure enough, his IPCop box failed to reboot.....    I'm doing
> the first update, from CentOS 5.2 (32 bit) to 5.3 now.
Luckily, I am only 40 miles from that location. I usually also come in early
after weekend updates to double check things.

And never do updates the day before your vacation starts!  ;-P

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