[CentOS] mock %post(pam) failure

Farkas Levente lfarkas at lfarkas.org
Tue Apr 14 12:10:50 UTC 2009

Karanbir Singh wrote:
> On 04/13/2009 04:43 PM, Rex Dieter wrote:
>>> Well, I heard from one of the CentOS devs that mock newer than 0.6 was
>>> broken.
>> OK, fair 'nuf.  Just seemed silly to me that you'd assume epel would release
>> something that was broken.
> EPEL releases broken stuff all the time :)
> Also mock > 0.6 doesnt work properly on c3/c4 - and mock 0.9.x is 
> different enough to produce inconsistent builds with mock 0.6, which is 
> why were sticking to mock 0.6 for the time being, within CentOS.

on centos-5.2 mock-0.9.x was working properly. now neither mock not even
rpmbuild working for us (this second is another probably rpm bug which
is just investigating).
anyway you suggest to use mock 0.6 on 5.3?

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