[CentOS] 5.3 and XFS

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Thu Apr 16 00:20:30 UTC 2009

>xfs kmod's for centos-5 have so far been done within the centos loop,
>but this is interesting - looks like 5.4 might have a tech-preview for
>xfs included in.

I never thought of that given that they come from the plus repo. So its only
a matter of time then before it appears for the 5.3 kernels... If I have time this
weekend, I'll yank an srpm down from the 5.2 branch kmod and see what's
involved in making this (Never done it, so I have no idea off the top of my head).

When 5.4 comes out, I might end up using ext4 anyway :)

Thanks for the info.

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