[CentOS] One for the Cisco experts...

Craig White craigwhite at azapple.com
Wed Apr 22 22:24:15 UTC 2009

On Wed, 2009-04-22 at 12:22 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:
> Sean Carolan wrote:
> >> It was somewhat difficult to install on Centos (mostly just getting a
> >> Sun JVM installed sanely) until they added the yum repository.  It is
> >> still somewhat complicated to deal with all of the things it can do so
> >> I'd suggest joining the mailing list if you haven't already.  It does
> >> support many more devices out of the box than netdisco, including hosts
> >> as well as network equipment. If you want it to collect snmp data for
> >> graphs on the switch ports that don't have addresses you can set
> >> collection manually for each one or just change snmpStorageFlag to "all'
> >> in datacollection-config.xml.
> > 
> > OpenNMS is now crawling my network and discovering all the servers.
> > I'm not seeing how to find which switch and port each device is
> > plugged into.  If I browse to a node and click on it's network
> > interface, it says this:
> > 
> > --------------------------
> > Link Node/Interface
> > No link information has been collected for this interface.
> > --------------------------
> > 
> > Is that where the port and switch information is supposed to show up?
> > Or am I looking in the wrong place?
> Back to my first email message when I thought you were already using 
> OpenNMS...  You have to uncomment the Linkd service in 
> etc/service-configuration.xml, then restart opennms and give it some 
> time to probe.  Then it should show from the 'View Node Link Detailed 
> Info' at the top left of a node page.  The weakest part of the program 
> is the web admin section.  While it does a lot, there is much more that 
> you can control via the xml config files.
OK, I've been tracking this conversation, installed/configured/started
OpenNMS and have discovered everything and in fact, edited
service-configuration.xml as recommended.

I'm sort of comparing this to Zenoss which I had to stop (snmp
conflicts) to run OpenNMS.

I can see each port on the 48 port managed switch and go to 'View Node
Link Detailed Info' but it doesn't tell me much about the
device/computer plugged into a specific port.

While I don't want to be quick to dismiss OpenNMS, it seems to fall way
short of Zenoss so I'm thinking that there's a bunch of stuff that
probably needs to be tweaked.

I got the impression that NetDisco would actually tell me the IP Address
(perhaps reverse the DNS name) of the device connected to specific port
on my managed switch. I didn't go for the NetDisco route for install
because I didn't like the idea of getting a bunch of CPAN perl modules
installed rather than using rpm packages.


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