[CentOS] flash-plugin- having problems since firefox-3.0.7-3.el4.centos

A. Kirillov nevis2us at infoline.su
Thu Apr 23 20:35:10 UTC 2009

> > Updated yesterday to the latest firefox from CentOS, and now RPMforge
> > flash-plugin will only play a few seconds of video (such as CNN,
> > iReport, etc.) at a time before becoming stuck; dragging the slider
> > back a little allows it to play a bit further, but then it stops
> > again.  YouTube plays the video without sticking, but has no sound.
> >
> > glibc issues on el4 prevent upgrading to the newer flash-plugin or any
> > of the newer modules from the Adobe repo.
> >
> > Has anyone else seen something like this?  I've had problems with the
> > sound device before on this machine, which occasionally caused flash
> > to get *entirely* stuck, so (based on no sound on YouTube) I'm going
> > to try rebooting to see if that may be a factor here; but I've never
> > had this particular symptom before.
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> Hi Bart,
> why the old flash version?
> adobe now has flash-plugin-
> and this works fine but must have curl installed!!

Thanks for this hint, Rob.
curl for both archs is needed for flash-plugin to work on 64-bit.

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