[CentOS] QuickBooks Enterprise DB Server

Joseph L. Casale JCasale at activenetwerx.com
Thu Apr 23 23:17:37 UTC 2009

>If you find out please tell us what the secret is.  I'd love to know.

I finally got it working. I am not sure if lsb is truly required, but
reading the init scripts suggested it might need it and I never had it
installed so I installed it. There is also two versions of the db mangler
18 is for the Canadian Edition of 2009 (v8) and 19 is for the US Edition
(v9). Yeah that all makes sense. The ticket for me was creating/accessing
the company file via unc from the windows stations not a mapped drive.
Between their own inconsistent docs and forum posts, the Canadian version
running v18 needs only 10180:tcp + Samba ports but I think the US version
(v19) needs plenty more.

Intuit is the new Computer Associates of the world IMHO. I have never dealt
with a more incompetent group of outsourced yahoo's in my life. No one
in tech support knows anything about the software they offer (their words)
and the documentation was produce by one of those knowledgeable folk:)

We are migrating from a 60,000.00 high end ERP package that uses SQL and has
integrated AD auth, to this mickey mouse POS. Wonderfull...

Ahh, I needed to rant. God help me if I have to support this POS application
once the accountants are done playing, hopefully they will junk the idea...


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