[CentOS] Memory Leak with stock Squirrelmail, PHP, mysql, apache since 5.3

James Wilson james.wilson77 at gmail.com
Fri Apr 24 09:13:31 UTC 2009

> Hi list, We are experiencing a memory leak on our SquirrelMail  
> server since the 5.3 update. The server is fully updated, only stock  
> rpms. The httpd processes are eating all the memory and after  
> swapping like hell, the server became unresponsive and we must hard- 
> reboot it. The server is not that much loaded (max 10-15 concurrent  
> users but with tons of mail in their inbox). Configuration's  
> speaking, nothing was changed before and after the update. Is there  
> someone else experiencing the same thing ? How can I search deeper  
> the origin of the leak ? Thx, kfx


We are experiencing the same issue, however using Apache and Tomcat  
via Proxy AJP to server a Shibboleth IdP on CentOS 5.3 - stock RPMs.


Since upgrading to 5.3 we have noticed that overnight all 4GB of  
physical RAM and all 4GB of swap is eaten and the web service  
unresponsive.  We can still SSH into the machine and restart Apache.   
This rectifies the issue.  These are production boxes and subject to  
numerous connections, we are trying to isolate the trigger.  However,  
the exact same configuration and applications being served under 5.2  
exhibit no issue.

I suspect it may be related to this bug, logged with the upstream:




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