[CentOS] Antivirus for CentOS? (yuck!)

NM nico at altiva.fr
Fri Apr 24 12:05:22 UTC 2009

On Thu, 23 Apr 2009 18:10:38 -0400, Ross Walker wrote:

> How about running it as the untrusted user 'clamav'?

How's that user going to check anything that's not o+r?

> I know there is a lot of boilerplate regulation out there, I have my
> fair share to deal with myself. Often hidden in the BS there is a good
> intention it just requires a little give and take. Give in to a little
> BS here to get a little break on the BS there.
> What the consultant should be working off of is an accurate risk
> assessment of the OS and the applications installed on it, not some dumb
> checklist.

Yeah, well, problem is, you don't get to choose who's going to assess you.

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