[CentOS] Certificate system

J.Witvliet at MINDEF.NL J.Witvliet at MINDEF.NL
Fri Apr 24 16:22:19 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Can anybody inform me wether the  "RedHat Certificate System" or
actually a CentOS equivalent is available for CentOS.
Just skimmed on a download site through the RPM's for 5.3 and I couldn't
find it.
According to their pressrelease, it the code should be gpl, allthough I
can't find any rpm for RH, FC or Centos.

It seems that this is one of the few CA-packages for large scale
deployment of certificates.
Only alternative AFAIK is OpenCA, which seems to be hardly maintained...
( binaries on their site are old, and source code yields lots of errors
during build..)

Defensie/CDC/IVENT/Research en Innovation Centrum
Ing J. (Hans) Witvliet Systeembeheer, CAcert-assurer
T   0174-539053
mailto:j.witvliet at mindef.nl
Coldenhovelaan 1, 3155RC Maasland, kamer A109

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