[CentOS] Wake On LAN

James Bensley jwbensley at gmail.com
Mon Apr 27 08:12:27 UTC 2009

Hey Listees

I can not work out how to get my Dell NF500 III server to use wake on
LAN using the on board Broadcom NetExtreme II BCM5708 NIC card? I'm
running Cent OS 5.3 final (i386).

Basically, If I had windows server 2k3 installed I know that the cards
& mobo etc support WOL I would just have to tick a little box under
the NIC card properties saying "allow wake on LAN" (or words to that
affect). How can I enable WOL for my NIC card?

I have two identical servers so I have tried putting one to sleep (via
either setting the hibernate time down to 5 mins and waiting for it to
time out and hibernate or by running the following as root: echo
shutdown > /sys/power/disk; echo disk > /sys/power/state) and waking
it up with ether-wake and WOL (an rpm package) but neither worked,
also with a windows WOL client from a windows server which I know
works as it is regularly in use but the system didn't come up. The
light is glowing green on the mobo just next to the two on board NIC's
(both are the same BCM5708's); the light is on but nobodies home?

What setting might I be missing within CentOS its self to keep the
cards alive when the power is out? Any help is greatly appreciated.


James ;)

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