[CentOS] Dell mirror raid boot problems

Gregory P. Ennis PoMec at PoMec.Net
Wed Apr 29 03:32:09 UTC 2009

On Tue, 2009-04-28 at 19:28 -0700, nate wrote:
> Gregory P. Ennis wrote:
> > To make things as clear as I can this is a DELL XPS Gen 2 Series a 32
> > bit machine using an i386 Centos OS 5.2 that was automatically upgraded
> > to 5.3 by yum.
> As another poster noted, in this case you should disable the RAID in
> the bios and keep it off. If you want RAID then use software raid in
> linux, or get a real RAID controller, I suggest 3Ware myself but there
> are other options available as well.
> nate
> _______________________________________________


Thanks for your help.  Guess this machine does not have a real RAID

Appreciate your advise!


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