[CentOS] Rsync/SSH automation problem?

Anthony Kamau akcentos at anroet.com
Wed Apr 29 11:40:10 UTC 2009

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> hi Kai,
> > You can't.
> Thats what I thought, I have been looking into using certificates and
> passphrases and that will have to be it!

Interesting - why not do a pull from the CentOS box?  This would only
work if the machines are local to each other!

I mount Windows Server 2003 as follows:

mount //[servername]/C$ /winmnts/[servername]/cdrive \
  -o credentials=/root/sysaccess

/root/sysaccess - contains just two lines:
	username=[administrative account]
	password=[administrative account password]

Also, you'll need to have created the path
"/winmnts/[servername]/cdrive" beforehand (as if you hadn't guessed that

>From here, I run the rsync command without the need for the -e option.

Of course, if the servers are in geographically different locations,
then Kai's link is the way to go!


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