[CentOS] Nice job, 5.3 developers/testers!

Wed Apr 1 14:33:02 UTC 2009
Gilbert Sebenste <sebenste at weather.admin.niu.edu>

And everyone involved with this release! I followed the instructions 
(including removing the two packages, lam and I forget what other one 
it was now, and updating glibc first), and the update was completely 
painless. And, with that yum "fastest repo" add-on thingy, wow! I had 2 
megaBYTE/sec downloads of the updates to my 6 boxes. Everything was 
updated in an hour, and I was good to go, and all appears well.
You know, I've had more update packages with Fedora 8 after not updating 
for five days than with this update!

I'm guessing 5.2 packages that didn't get updated are par for the course: 
they still work fine, so they don't get updated (I'm new to this, 
obviously), or get their file extensions changed when you do an rpm -q 
(package). Karanbir, you and the entire production/development/testing 
team, and those upstream, get a "bravo" from me!

Centos 5.3 i386...I'm lovin' it.

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