[CentOS] USB Thumb Drive Confusion

Wed Apr 8 03:10:37 UTC 2009
Al Sparks <data345 at yahoo.com>

I am running CentOS 4.7.  I have a USB flash (thumb) drive that has a
bunch of files placed there by Windows.  I plugged it into the CentOS
machine, and when I listed the files under "/media/usb-name", there
was nothing there.

I created an empty file:
   touch blah

and it showed up when I did list it.

I noticed, checking dmesg that it was attached to /dev/sdb.

So I did a quick 
  fdisk /dev/sdb
I saw that it had a partition of type of W95 FAT16 under /dev/sdb1.

How come I'm not able to see files placed on that device by XP/Vista
machines when I plug it into the CentOS 4.7 machine, but I'm able to
create a file on it, and list it?  I did double-check and plugged that
drive into my XP workstation and sure enough I was able to see all the
   === Al