[CentOS] Torrent tracker for CentOS v5.3 working properly?

Wed Apr 1 08:43:18 UTC 2009
Sorin Srbu <sorin.srbu at orgfarm.uu.se>

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>> Is the tracker for the 5.3-release working properly?
>> The only torrent I see actually downloading is CentOS-5.3-i386-bin-1to6.
>> other three for the i386 DVD and ditto for x86_64 (cd+dvd) are just
>> there. The availability and the number of connected peers in the swarm
>> each torrent is rather high though.
>I just started the two DVD torrents, x86_64 and i386, using the links in
>the announcement email from this evening, and both are running along as
>fast as my wires will run.
>both of these two appear to be using
>http://torrent.centos.org:6969/announce as their primary tracker, and
>both [DHT], local peer discovery and peer exchange protocols are happy
>too.  I've bandwidth limited my torrent to 400kbyte/s in, 50kbyte/s out
>and I'm sseeing just about exactly that (my ADSL is good for peak
>500-600kbyte/sec in and 70kbyte/sec out, so if I don't restrict it, the
>torrent activity just about shuts down my network)

Thanks for the info. Checked the tracker in my torrent-client, and it's the
same as yours. Seems I have a possible firewall-issue on my hands here.
OTOH, it's weird, as the one torrent works fine. Strange...

Anyway, I've contacted the university-wide helpdesk for a possible solution.

Thanks for the feedback!

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