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Thu Apr 2 23:30:42 UTC 2009
Ron Blizzard <rb4centos at gmail.com>

On Thu, Apr 2, 2009 at 3:54 PM, Jason Pyeron <jpyeron at pdinc.us> wrote:

> Can I get some recommendations:
> We are looking for a hosting provider (other than godaddy) with
> 1: SLA
> 2: SSH access
> 3: subversion/rsync or the ability to install binaries / compile source.
> Would like them to include http/https and email.
> Any suggestions?

You can check out 000Webhost (www.000webhost.com)

I don't know if they have everything you need, but they do provide SSH
access with their Premium (paid) service ($4.84 a month). I've signed up for
their free hosting and it works well, I can't vouch for their paid service.

One that my brother and I have used for a long time is 34SP (www.34sp.com).
They started in the United States but moved to England, but have great
service. They specifically mention rsynch in their business plan, but
there's no specific mention of ssh -- so you would have to ask. (Again, our
needs are more of the hobbyist type.)

We had some issue with GoDaddy, can't remember exactly what it was now (I
think they wanted more control), so we went with Dotster via ZoneEdit (
www.ZoneEdit.com). ZoneEdit is a nice tool -- gives you more control over
your domain name -- and free for small "hobbyist" web builders.

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