[CentOS] [OT] Godaddy hell...

Fri Apr 3 16:29:41 UTC 2009
Warren Young <warren at etr-usa.com>

Jason Pyeron wrote:
> 0: we do not want the admin responsibility for the box. We even don't want to
> change configurations.

But you do want to install software.  It's possible to install some 
kinds of software without root access, but you're cutting yourself off 
from a huge world of software that doesn't allow this.

You can maybe install some simple CGI programs, and you'll have to build 
everything from source, because you can't change the RPM DB, you can't 
make servers listen on ports < 1024, you'll have to reconfigure/rebuild 
anything that wants to put config files in /etc....  I don't see why 
you'd shackle yourself like that.  You don't get "yum install thingy" 
without root access.

Everyone's pushing you to one of the VPS providers because that's what 
all the cool kids are doing now that VM technology is commoditized.

And on that note, we use VPSLink.  Their parent company, Spry, offers 
VPSes with more hand-holding, at a higher price.  You can get VPSes from 
either with various flavors of CentOS on them.

And I can warn you off of WebIntellects.  Not bad people, but I left 
them because their systems management policies were too lackadaisical. 
If you were willing to monitor your site 24x7 from the outside, you 
could maintain good uptimes.  Otherwise, your site could be down for 
hours until you noticed it, but they would start counting the downtime 
from the time your reported the problem, not from when it actually went