[CentOS] Wake on LAN

Sat Apr 4 20:58:45 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Has anyone experience with WOL under Centos (5.3).?
> If so, how exactly do you put the machine to sleep,
> and how exactly do you wake it up remotely?

I've never found WOL to work at all well in any environment.

for it to work at all, you need A) network hardware on the client that 
supports WOL and remains powered when the system is asleep or 
hibernating and B) a method of sending the WOL 'magic bullet' packet to 
the MAC address of the target machine.    This means you need to track 
the MAC addresses of the system as it won't be awake to ARP.    

WOL can wake up the system from power states Off (ACPI state S5), 
Hibernate (S4), or Sleep (S3), so as long as you can get or or another 
of these states working, and you can get the WOL mechanics working, you 
got it.