[CentOS] can't "make" - SOLVED

Sun Apr 5 15:38:34 UTC 2009
Michael Klinosky <mpk2 at enter.net>

Jim Perrin wrote:
> Your build error is for 2.6.18-128, but your kernel-devel is for
> -128.1.6. Mostly, your problems should be solved if you run a 'yum
> update' and reboot. This will ensure that you've got the updated
> kernel (you probably already do, but a yum update will make sure) and
> that your kernel matches the kernel-devel package you have installed.

I noticed this:
---> Package kernel.i686 0:2.6.18-128.1.6.el5 set to be installed


Well, I updated, rebooted and tried again - it worked!!   :)
Thank you!

I asked about 'make' as $ (I recall someone stating on a maillist that $ 
could 'make', but # had to 'make install'). Seems that's wrong; I had to 
be root to make.

Is there a log of 'yum update' results?

Btw, just in case I confused anyone:
 > Be aware that I have 5.2 on it, and did the same
 > process, and it worked great!

I meant to type "... I had 5.2 on it, ..."  :)