[CentOS] milter clamav borked?

Mon Apr 6 19:41:47 UTC 2009
John R Pierce <pierce at hogranch.com>

John R Pierce wrote:
> hey, I upgraded a server to 5.3 from 5.2 today, its a mail server, and 
> its using the rpmforge clamav milter...
> was getting errors in my mail log like...
> Apr  6 01:39:32 freescruz sendmail[12304]: n368dWxW012304: Milter 
> (clamav): error connecting to filter: Connection refused by 
> /var/clamav/clmilter.socket

realizing others may find this same posting and be looking for a 

I fixed the following...

/etc/clamd.conf and /etc/clamav-milter.conf have to be in sync on the 
clamd local socket...

/etc/clamd.conf :
    LocalSocket /tmp/clamd.socket

    # delete the "Example" line near top
    MilterSocket unix:/var/clamav/clmilter.socket
    User clamav
    ClamdSocket unix:/tmp/clamd.socket

/etc/sysconfig/clamav-milter    had a bunch of old config stuff that has 
to be removed.  should read JUST...

and, the socket given above as MilterSocket has to match whats in 
    INPUT_MAIL_FILTER(`clamav', `S=local:/var/clamav/clmilter.socket, 
F=T, T=S:4m;R:4m')dnl
and do a `make` in /etc/mail then
    # service restart clamd
    # service restart sendmail

and all should be hunky dory.

Me thinks this clamd and clamav-milter upgrade -should- have created 
some .rpmnew files, if it had, I would have found this much much faster 
as I'm in the habit of diffing all those with the current 'active' file, 
and incorporating changes.