[CentOS] x86_64 server OOM problems after update to 5.3

Mon Apr 13 19:25:40 UTC 2009
Rick Barnes <linux at sitevision.com>

JohnS wrote:

> Seeing as you said you upgraded from 5.2 - 5.3 I would be looking at the
> kernel release notes and the mysql release notes for known problems
> since you did not have prior problems. I would check out the Cacti and
> DNS Databases because there more realtime in nature to running on the
> server than the content ones. Using the script I posted will catch the
> offending query. I myself would take a hard look @ MYSQL itself. There
> is a huge debate about it not being Production Ready. Last option would
> be to do a yum --allow-downgrade until it's sorted out on a test
> machine.

It appears as though apache is to blame:


By stopping and starting apache, %swpused went from 92.84% to 6.41% and
has remained for about an hour now.