[CentOS] Ramdisk

Tue Apr 14 14:05:05 UTC 2009
Christoph Neuhaus <nihil14 at gmail.com>

> On Centos 4.x 32 I want to create like a 64Mbyte ramdisk.  Is there a
> problem putting 30k to 80k empty files on a ramdisk?  Is there a
> simple howto on creating a ramdisk that anyone knows of off the top of
> there head?

mkdir /mnt/ram && mount -v -t tmpfs -o size=64M none /mnt/ram

If you want to use the RAM disk permanently you could use an entry in
none  /mnt/ram  tmpfs  size=64M  0 0

Besides, there is already a RAM disk available: /dev/shm