[CentOS] re-install package

Tue Apr 14 22:17:37 UTC 2009
Robert Nichols <rnicholsNOSPAM at comcast.net>

Joseph L. Casale wrote:
>> You can remove them with "rpm -e pkgnames --nodeps" and then reinstall 
>> them with yum. I had to do this recently with some strangeness that was 
>> goign on with kpartx and device-mapper-multipath of al things.
> # rpm -i --replacepkgs <rpm-file> is possibly safer in "some" scenarios.
> Depending on what you are removing and how, you might break something bad
> by ripping it out, then trying to get it back in after the system is a in
> a compromised state. This might be safer in those small percentage of cases.

Another option is "rpm -e --nodeps --justdb ..." to leave the files in place
while making it appear that the package is no longer installed.  Follow
that with "yum install ...".

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