[CentOS] things weirdly different in new installation

Michael Klinosky mpk2 at enter.net
Sun Aug 2 19:29:04 UTC 2009

fred smith wrote:
> Some things are just plain different between the two installations, and
> it's stumping me why that would be. Example:
> on the old box, the shutdown dialog offers restart, cancel, shutdown,
> and also standby and hibernate. and the standby and hibernate options
> work, too.
> The new box, it only offers restart, cancel, or shutdown.
> Oddly, the main "System" dropdown offers "suspend" as well as "logoff"
> and "shutdown" submenus.

I'm not an IT guru, or even an _experienced_ user - been using Fedora / 
Cent for about 4 years. And, it's the only linux I've really used.

Anyway, in my limited experience, various boxes get different options. 
I've installed Fedora or Cent on about 7 machines (including 1 laptop); 
somehow, none had identical options in that department. I *think* it may 
be be MB, or the bios ... ?? On one machine, the user login screen 'Shut 
down' feature *tries* to shut down, but just returns to the login screen.

I know that the bios have settings for what to do when the power switch 
is used, and that there is a Preferences feature for this also.

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