[CentOS] Can not modprobe acpi-cpufreq.ko in CentOS 5.2

Ian jonhson jonhson.ian at gmail.com
Mon Aug 3 05:04:32 UTC 2009

> I had similar problem in the past. I used 586 kernel and it didn't work.
> Do you have 686 kernel? If yes, can you send us the output of the
> following commands:
> # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_frequencies
> # cat /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/cpufreq/scaling_available_governors
> # modprobe cpufreq_ondemand

There does not exist the "cpufreq" directory. The following command

# modprobe cpufreq_ondemand

can be executed and nothing is output. However, still no "cpufreq" directory
is created in  /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu0/ after the command is done.

BTW, I don't know where can I check whether the hardware is supporting
the CPUfreq. I just learn from maillist if someone want to check the cpufreq
support in hardware he can run the following commands to do checking:

#  grep est /proc/cpuinfo

Any helps?

Thanks agin,


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