[CentOS] Grub fallback problem

Matthias Blankenhaus matthiasblankenhaus at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 3 21:06:22 UTC 2009

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> wrote:
> > All I can say at this point is "Read the Source,
> Luke!"
> I mean: "Use the Source, Luke!"
> Was thinking of "RTFS" when I wrote it before...

This is a new one :)

However, I actually figured it out myself.  The problem is that RedHat
and all derived distros (like CentOS) has a slimmed down version of the
0.97 grub gnu version.  For some reason they took out the fallback support.  Unfortunately, they did not reflect that in the man / info pages.  Thus, a user is mislead by the docu.
If you want the fallback feature, then you need to download the Gnu 0.97
grub version and compile it yourself.  You will then end up. among other things, with the infamous grub-set-default script.  This script creates
a file called 'default' which stores the boot label as a number, e.g. from 0..(n-1). 

BTW, a new grub2 is on its way and it will replace the current grub ...


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