[CentOS] excessive DNS slows httpd

Mike -- EMAIL IGNORED m_d_berger_1900 at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 4 01:38:12 UTC 2009

On Mon, 03 Aug 2009 20:23:18 -0500, Les Mikesell wrote:


> Are you doing any proxy passthrough's or rewrites resulting in a proxy? 
> Or client access permissions based on hostnames.  These things might be
> specified in a .htaccess file.  Also, remember that all the
> /etc/httpd/conf.d/*.conf files
>   are included.

I did cd /etc/httpd/conf.d/; grep -i HostnameLookups *; .
Anything else I should look for?  There are no
.htaccess files. I do use reverse proxy to access large
files which at present are on the same box.  However, the
failure occurs on the home page which is a simple menu
that doesn't call the reverse proxy.  It does go through
a rather complex CGI written in C++.  However, for the
home page, nothing complex happens; it is just passed

Thanks for your ideas.


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