[CentOS] CentOS Project Infrastructure

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Thu Aug 6 17:32:29 UTC 2009

Dear Kai,

> I think the community would benefit from opening a new mailing list for
> these issues. There's already a promo list, but a discussion like this
> doesn't really fit on it. I also think it doesn't fit here.
> So, I think everyone interested about CentOS management should be able to
> do so on a mailing list "centos-community" or "centos-management" or so.

I think that 'centos' is the correct list to address these issues as
it's the most commonly read list and where the 'community' lives.

I have to agree to Russ in some points:

The 'rebuild' process is clearly defined and automated in most tasks.
But that is not what I meant. CentOS offers much more. It has a wiki
with (in my pov) very good documentation of admin tasks, a vital forum
and mailinglists with a technical orientated user base. There are
several different tasks besides the rebuild itself. I was thinking
about things like the new website, artwork, LiveCD spins (which was
often requested) a well populated 'Contrib' repository (free and
non-free) , active SIGs (even promotion and marketing) and even
architecture ports.

Russ, I also share your conservative attitude, because it needs a well
structured and trusted backend to build up an enterprise os many ppl
rely on, but there is a community waiting in front of the door, and I
personally see no reason not to welcome them.

A legal entity for the project and an elected board (or at least a
community manager who acts as 'bridge' between the community members
and the so called core team) are necessary in my pov.

Best Regards

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