[CentOS] CentOS Project Infrastructure

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Fri Aug 7 06:14:27 UTC 2009

Dear Russ,

>>> Don't misunderstand.  I think you have done and are doing a great job
>>> but some things are out of any single person's control.  All I'm
>>> suggesting is that it would be nice if there were an easy answer to the
>>> question of "what if" those things happen to a few of you.  I think it
>>> is a good thing that the question is being asked, though.
>> As an outsider (as far as CentOS development goes), I think this would
>> probably be a good time to just back off a bit, chill out, and see
>> what comes out of the current reorganization.
> * chuckle * Actually I was appreciated Les' comments, in the
> first instance today and later.  If I cannot respond to
> thoughtful comments, I've probably not thought the matter
> through enough.  I may choose to ignore matter of course where
> comment is not yet ripe
> Akemi, Ned and Marcus [and others who have contacted me and
> some of the others on the core group off-list] are obviously
> concerned, want to help, and want to participate more as well,
> and I'll probably do yet another run at describing some ways
> to increasingly grow as a sysadmin, a developer, and as a
> 'person worth watching' as posts of each and others in recent
> days have set me to thinking.
> I've done such coaching on the ML, in the wiki, and in private
> email, so why not yet again?

That"s a great offer and what I titled as mentorship. In the meanwhile
some things (like the Contrib repo) are getting a bit clearer so I
guess we are on the right track.

Best Regards

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