[CentOS] firewall question

William L. Maltby CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com
Fri Aug 7 14:44:41 UTC 2009

On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 22:19 -0700, Linux Advocate wrote:
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> > From: William L. Maltby <CentOS4Bill at triad.rr.com>
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> > > BTW, Scott and other IPCop users, there is a new version of IPCop
> > > coming out. It's in testing now:
> > 
> > That's good to hear. I was afraid the project was dead. It had been so
> > long since a release.
> > 
> if ipcop goes down, there is always shorewall.

Yep. But I hope to avoid having to swith over. I've had IPCop running so
long, everythings is ingrained into my brain so much that I'm almost on
"automatic" with it.


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