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Johnny Hughes johnny at centos.org
Fri Aug 7 15:34:49 UTC 2009

Marcus Moeller wrote:
> Dear Andrew.
>>>  (like the Contrib repo) are getting a bit clearer so I
>>> guess we are on the right track.
>> Contib repo !!! What Contrib repo ? The last time i tried to
>> contribute i was told to head on to Fedora or rpmforge.
> The Contrib repository has been re-invented in CentOS 5.3 but it's
> still not clear what it's for. From the official announce:
> ...
> Given the widespread requests for user contributed packages directly
> being hosted within the centos repositories, the contribs repository is
> now back with CentOS-5.3. There are no packages yet, but over the next
> few weeks we hope to have a policy and process in place that allows
> users to submit and manage packages in the contrib repo.
> ...
> Karan started to line it out on this:
> http://lists.centos.org/pipermail/centos-devel/2009-August/004833.html
> recent centos-devel thread.

Well, if something is going to be released as part of CentOS (contrib
repo or not), then it is going to be correct and it is going to be
vetted by someone that I PERSONALLY trust ... or it is going to be
personally tested by me prior to release.  Otherwise, it is not going to
be released.

If you meet those requirements (I know you, know your work, and
personally trust you with my servers), then you can get on a team to do
things ... if you don't, you can't.

Until I get kicked out of CentOS (I don't think that is happening any
time soon), that will be one of the standards that we use.

The community can get in and get access to things ... Akemi Yagi and Ned
Slider (both have admin rights to the CentOS forums, Akemi does the spec
files and changes to CentOS Plus kernels) are both examples of this
recently. Tim Verhoeven and Jim Perrin are examples from a few years
ago, and Karanbir Singh and Ralph Angenendt are examples from a few
years before that.

We add developers as we get people who do things for the project and as
we come to know them, develop a relationship with them, and see their work.

We have a responsibility to an estimated 4 million unique machines to
not allow code into our repositories unless it is correct and we take
that responsibility very seriously.  A broken CentOS package can cost
people millions (maybe billions) of dollars worldwide.

We do add people as developers ... if we don't do it fast enough for an
individual person's tastes then I am sorry.  There are other options out
there ... including Fedora and EPEL ... for people who want to
contribute faster than we allow.

Johnny Hughes

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