[CentOS] CentOS Project Infrastructure

R P Herrold herrold at centos.org
Fri Aug 7 15:49:52 UTC 2009

On Fri, 7 Aug 2009, Ned Slider wrote:

> From my own experiences when trying to contribute, I have repeatedly
> been told not to bother, not to do it and to go away.

Being told 'no' differs from being told 'to go away' -- 
#centos IRC is about the only place we do that, and that is 
under a standard of preserving the channel on topic.

If I said 'go away' to you, I apologize; if it is another that 
did it, please send a transcript of it to me privately and I 
will look into it.  I don't believe it happened, but I will 
make it right

-- Russ herrold

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