[CentOS] How to Contribute to CentOS was: CentOS Project Infrastructure

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Sat Aug 8 14:24:20 UTC 2009

Dear Russ.

>>> You don't like reputational vetting and a meritocracy, or how
>>> it is run by the people in charge who have as one goal: not
>>> distributing malware.  I get it.  Thank you.
>> Hey Russ, it's open source. You can just review the spec and
>> comment it until it's ready for release. Source could be
>> fetched directly from upstream and patches could be verified
>> easily.
> If you want my attention seeking to persuade, do not start a
> communication: 'Hey' as I consider it rude.

Sorry if I was getting rude and thanks for pointing some things out.

> You (Marcus) have established yourself as irrelevant to me.
> I will not presently be supporting you for further advancement
> into the CentOS infrastructure if you seek or are proposed for
> such, until I see some 'merit' outside of talking

... but I must admit that your above statement is very rude to me.

I have started working on the project about 1 1/2 year ago, joined the
promo sig and tried to promote CentOS. I personally do not see much
sense in a bugtracker despite to distinguish if a bug should be
tracked upstream or not. The few bugs left that are 'really' related
to the project is something I am willed to look at.

Al and I have already started working on the new Website
Infrastructure and forum migration with quite a lot success (which can
be seen in the wiki).

Since March, Al is getting payed by me for his work on the project.

I have offered my help on rebuilding the which was not necessary so I
have aksed Karan to line out the build process to make it at least
transparent as possible (which is necessary in my pov).

I am continuously tracking wiki changes and fixing articles.

Besides that I have started to talk with Karan about setting up a
legal background for the project and offered my help in the GSoC and
contributed to the necessary application docs. Besides that I have
taken care of the Pulse Newsletter.

This, I have all done in my 'free' time and I do not welcome your
comments on that. Maybe we are working on different areas but this is
not the form of respect I expect form a person like you. Btw. I would
rather call myself a pusher not a talker ;)

But I have agree on some points. CentOS != Fedora and note meant to be
for newcomers (at least in form of contributions) and maybe a 'Board'
is not possible on a project like this. But at least contributors
should be welcomed and not treated like today and if a 'Contrib'
repository is available it should be used as named. Otherwise I would
just remove it and suggest EPEL/RPMForge instead.

Best Regards

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